SENECA offers one of the broadest portfolios on the market: products related to air conditioning and electrical signal protection, remote control, data acquisition, consumption analysis, and energy efficiency.

In the integral water cycle, SENECA instrumentation has almost universal application, from the remote management of withdrawal and pumping stations to the control of lifting and treatment plants and the supervision of distribution networks, booster wells, reservoirs, booster plants and piezometric towers. SENECA control and communication hardware easily integrates with systems from other Italian and international manufacturers.

Surge protections
Surge protections are essential to protect electrical systems and equipment against transient and impulsive surges caused by atmospheric phenomena and electrical maneuvers. SENECA’s S400 Series includes surge protectors for computer and communication networks with extremely high transmission rates and leakage capacities; protectors for control, measurement and regulation systems that can be used in binary circuits; and type 2 and type 3 arresters for industrial power systems.

Isolators and converters
SENECA offers a wide assortment of electrical and electronic interfaces, signal transmitters and switchboard components. Available in multiple power standards, signal converters meet the most common interface and conditioning needs by galvanically isolating electrical and process signals. Electrical protection of the automation and remote control system is ensured by ad hoc technologies that meet standards. In particular, the prevention of disturbances, faults, overvoltages and overcurrents is ensured to circuits that include sensors, actuators, drives, inverters or emergency power systems.

Analog signal conversion, isolation and retransmission from sensor in 2-wire technique

Digital indicators
For all display needs SENECA offers S Series, a family of high-brightness, high-precision LED digital indicators for a wide range of measurement tasks and optimized installation in the control cabinet. Present in multiple power formats, input types and displays, the indicators – totalizers also perform advanced alarm management, threshold management and data retransmission functions. In the water cycle, switchboard-facing instrumentation enables the display of pressures, flow rates, levels, and electrical consumption, the calculation of totalized values, the management of pulse inputs from meters, and the retransmission of signals to PLCs.

Energy efficiency instruments
SENECA’s proposal for energy efficiency and electrical measurements includes consumption monitoring systems such as multifunction Modbus/ethernet network analyzers with web server, harmonic analysis and Rogowski sensors, and energy meters with Modbus/ Ethernet/M-BUS protocols also available with MID certification. SENECA also provides a complete series of AC/DC current transformers with patented magnetic or hall effect measuring principle and standard modular converters for electrical quantities.

Data Acquisition.
For the management of the integral Water cycle SENECA offers hardware platforms of modular type (remote I/O systems with ModBUS RTU and TCP-IP protocol) or integrated on board Controllers, Dataloggers and RTUs with the help of user friendly software for data logging. Typical application examples are the management of digital alarms and counting of pulses from energy meters, flowmeters, meters, volumetric flow systems, oxygen, etc. Data acquisition I/O modules can also be used as contacts for thresholds, thermals, drives, and as open-collector outputs for pump and motor signaling and actuation.

Pump automation
SENECA solutions for the automation of water treatment plants are based on recognized standards (e.g., IEC 61131), dedicated libraries and technological innovations. They are able to increase the energy efficiency, productivity and reliability of equipment and plants of all sizes. In particular, S6001 Pump Controller is a controller for pumping systems and pressurization units capable of managing 2 to 6 pumps (with possible expansion I/O modules), with constant control of flow, level, and pressure, and up to 1 inverter in exchange between pumps.

Pump station or pressurization unit control

Datalogger and alarm management
SENECA’s remote alarm and datalogging devices are designed to telemanage, monitor and implement small automations. With any mobile device or smartphone, it is possible to control the switching on and off of a technical system, activate a contact, receive a fault or alarm report. Also available in app and Cloud-based versions, they represent a solution that can meet the growing needs for data collection, real-time analysis and integration with IT systems. Such devices come with built-in I/O channels, dedicated programming and visualization software, bus communication support, MQTT protocol and modem with GNSS/GPS/GLONASS receiver.

Radio Modules
Building on its experience in interface technology, SENECA’s proposal of radio modules and radiomodems is one of the key elements of automation and communication systems, particularly in transporting signals from a few meters to tens of kilometers. The use of UHF/VHF equipment makes it possible to reach distances of several kilometers with maximum reliability. It also enables remote control, remote querying, and diagnostic functions of field devices through point-to-point, multipoint, broadcasting, and signal repetition connections.

Telecontrol and Remote Maintenance
SENECA telecontrol equipment is a perfect combination of the worlds of telecontrol and automation. The RTU range includes solutions for small systems, all-in-one solutions that concentrate I/O, control logic and communication system, and apparatus for special applications (unmanned sites, pumping stations, energy management). The use of compatible platforms and popular technology standards offers users the opportunity to improve the efficiency and quality of their application investments. SENECA RTUs can be integrated with SENECA hardware (I/O modules, HMIs, communication interfaces) and third-party hardware as well as with the LET’S remote assistance platform. They also provide flexible programming tools and dedicated libraries for remote control.

LET’S – VPN IIoT remote maintenance platform